Welcome to Hazel Tree Birth and Placenta Services

Hazel Tree Birth and Placenta Services is dedicated to women, babies and placentas! Providing an exceptional experience, knowledge and passion is our goal. Hazel Tree Birth and Placenta Services offers birth doula services, placenta encapsulation, smoothies, cooking, salves, art and tincture.

Placentas have been used for postpartum health and healing since women began having babies. Utilizing your placenta has the potential to help with postpartum depression, lactation difficulties, postpartum bleeding, stress and transition, replenishing nutrients and helping mothers have an all around happier post-birth journey. I am incredibly excited about being a part of this. Whether you are wanting your placenta put into capsules, want art for your house or want support for your birth , Hazel Tree Birth and Placenta Services is lovingly paving the way for you, offering services in the Portland Metro area.

I understand all of the classes, preparation, love and time that is spent getting ready for a new baby. We clean our home, go to prenatal visits, organize baby showers and excitedly wait for our new arrival. After baby is here, we often forget about helping and caring for ourselves. We get caught up in snapping pictures, greeting visitors and the general adjustment period for new parents.

Something we don’t usually talk about is the estimated 80% of moms that develop the “Baby Blues”, making everyday tasks hard and caring for an infant exhausting. Your body has lost so many nutrients from birth, your hormones are going up and down like a bouncy ball, you and your baby are establishing a rhythm, all while trying to catch a few hours of sleep.

Researching and understanding what the placenta can do for your post-birth can really impact the babymoon you experience. Pamper yourself and your baby with a placenta service. Absorb and enjoy heightened energy, a full milk supply, less bleeding and pain, a constant flow of the ‘love hormone’ and more. After all, you put in 9 months of hard, baby-growing work, time to reward yourself by feeling great!